Buyers Tips-Buying Pets Online

Purchasing a pet online


Research the breed(s) you are interested in

Websites like allow you to do extensive searches on different breeds, characteristics, temperaments, and other important information on different kinds of dogs.

Know who it is you are adopting! The cutest puppy you want to take home today may be the worst fit for your lifestyle, so make sure to look into it, in order to find your perfect match. You can also do a lot of this as you go (before purchase of course), and keep learning.


Ask a lot of questions

The breeder you are looking to buy from should be able to provide medical histories, and answer any questions you may have about the individual puppy you want to join your family. Make sure the medical record is available, and especially since you are not going to visit the puppy before you make him/her your own, a responsive breeder who can address your concerns is best. Just to name a few:

    *  What is the personal history of the puppy?

    * What is his/her behavior like? What should you expect?

    * How has the puppy been living? What toys does he/she like?

    * Is the puppy house trained?

    * Is the puppy spayed or neutered? Vaccinated?

    * What is the rest of the medical history?

    * Can you call if you encounter any problems once the puppy is in your home?


Look around

This is obviously not the kind of decision you want to rush into, and you should check out the different breeders and different dogs until you find both the puppy that fits your lifestyle, and the breeder that can address any concerns you have.